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Is a Taco Truck dedicated to providing Fresh, Authentic, Street Tacos -but with a gourmet edge.


We apply traditional Sinaloan methods using high heat mesquite wood to grill all of our delights which imparts a unique flavor to our meats. All of our recipes are authentic and unique, from our Signature Marinated Meats, Salsas & side dishes, to our refreshing Mexican waters.


When you organize an event or throw a party, it makes memories that can last a lifetime. We make our tacos to be part of that experience & make sure your gathering is the stuff of legend.


With high-quality ingredients, clean-yet-sophisticated recipes, & cutting-edge Parrillero expertise, we want to be your taco of choice and bring to you;

-La Parrillada Mexicana experience!


Parrillada Mexicana!
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